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Membership Renewal + Calendar

This is for EXISTING MEMBERS only

Thanks for renewing your yearly membership to Bio-Dynamics Tasmania (If you are joining BD Tas for the first time please purchase a new member kit instead)

This pack includes a copy of the 2021 Antipodean Astro Calendar which will be posted to you shortly (Australian shipping is free)

Your renewal will soon give you access to the Member Resources section of this site, which we will continue to develop. You’ll receive an email from our membership officer soon to confirm your access.

Membership renewal is due each year in November, in time with the latest release of the Antipodean Astro Calendar


If you need to pay via cheque or direct deposit click HERE to download a membership form and payment instructions..

It is our preference to get people paying through this website for better maintenance of our membership database but we wish to accommodate the needs of those who can’t do that.

Tue, 02/02/2021 - 10:17