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New Membership

This is for NEW MEMBERS only

Become a part of an active community of biodynamic practitioners in Tasmania.

Joining Bio-Dynamics Tasmania has many benefits. Your yearly membership includes:

  • Access to our member resources section of this site which contains a constantly growing source of information to help you on your biodynamic journey (our membership officer will assign you access and contact you)
  • Four editions per year of our journal, Elementals. Filled with articles written by members on various biodynamic topics for interest and education, member profiles, biodynamic planting dates, field days past and future and much more.
  • Access to regional groups holding field days, workshops and study groups to facilitate participation and biodynamic learning.
  • Access to our BD Preparations, 500, 501, CPP, 502-507. These are made during field days and are available for purchase by members only
  • Access to our BD learning library. Many books available to borrow.
  • Get connected with other members that can help and inspire you.
  • Additionally, your new membership comes with a copy of our Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Resource Manual in hard copy (unless you prefer a download) which contains all the information you need to get started.

Yearly memberships are renewed in November each year, thus the joining fee is reduced in the second half of the year

This Kit includes

  • The Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Resource Manual - with all the information you need to get started
  • The latest (or recent) copy of Elementals

Free Australia wide shipping


Purchase of the latest Antipodean Astro Calendar is recommended.

Purchase of the Bio-Dynamics Grow Guide is recommended to new members.

Both come with free postage if included in your membership kit (Select New Membership - Full Kit)

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