Bio-dynamic agriculture involves a holistic approach to caring for the land and all life forms involved directly and indirectly in our interaction with the soil.

Bio-dynamics is a sensitive organic system, and as such finds the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides unnecessary and unacceptable. The philosophy of Biodynamics encompasses a scientific and spiritual awareness of our life on Earth, being part of our whole universe.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner began the Biodynamic movement with his lectures to farmers in 1924. There was much concern, even then, that the quality of nutrition was declining due to the imbalances of artificial “fertilization”, encouraging disease, infertility, and even threatening our ability to think. The way Steiner saw it, the polarity of Calcium and Silica was much more relevant to plant life than the bags of NPK recommended by the reductionists. He encouraged scientists and agriculturalists to participate in much experimentation and observation. Many books have been written over the years from these discoveries and observations. Research still forms a vital role in Biodynamics throughout the globe.

BD 500
The health and vitality of the soil life is enhanced through the spray ‘500’, otherwise known as the ‘cow horn manure’. This is neither a foliar spray nor a liquid manure, but rather a biological stimulant devised to increase the microbial activity within the soil. In its working with Calcium, 500 promotes a balance of soil pH and lushness of plant growth. Soil treated with ‘500’ develops a crumbly open texture, more easily penetrated by plant roots, and a greater quantity of humus and soil life.

BD 501
Cow horns and finely ground quartz are used to produce a silica preparation, used as a fine spray. This gives structure and strength to plants, enhancing photosynthesis. 501 improves the flavour, ripening, and keeping qualities of fruits and seeds.

Preparations 502 -507
These are known as the Compost Preparations which are made from complimentary herbs and animal organs, and are used as a set of 6. They enhance and guide the breakdown and assimilation of materials and enliven the activity of particular minerals and bacteria within the digesting compost heap, Cow Pat Pit or liquid brew. They also help to prevent the leaching out of nutrients into the environment. The result is a richer, more balanced product, which when applied to the land spreads out the beneficial influences of the preparations.

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